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Because I had to attend a short four-day summer course, I decided to stay at my sister and her husband's house. My brother and sister welcomed me very warmly, but my brother-in-law did not know a secret. That's me and my sister used to fuck each other! The thing is, before Suzume got married, because she was her older sister, she always forced me to fuck her. Long time no see, I could see her hungry eyes looking at my crotch. And sure enough, when her brother-in-law was absent, she immediately rushed forward to touch my cock. I continuously pushed her hand away and ran away. But the truth is, I still miss her body, miss her big, soft breasts, and remember the times when I had a cock inside her wet pussy. Just thinking about it made my cock stand up and I was about to masturbate when Suzume opened the door and walked in. This time I couldn't avoid it anymore, she immediately let me see her breasts, continuously saying lewd words into my ear to help me get more excited. And during these four days, as long as her brother-in-law is absent, she will come to stroke my cock, let me fuck her breasts, and even fuck her pussy.

 Movie Code: DLDSS-129 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Mino Suzume