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One day, my cousin moved from the countryside while looking for a place to live, so she asked to temporarily stay in my apartment for a while. Because she couldn't find a job, she just stayed at home but couldn't. That's why she's lazy, she always finds something to do in my apartment, like tidying things up, doing other housework, I come home from work feeling like there's a woman in the house. makes the house more cozy like a family of newlyweds. In addition, my cousin has been very close to me since childhood, so her way of dressing is also comfortable wearing shorts. Looking like she wasn't wearing anything made me feel a little nervous every time I stood near her. Suddenly one day this cousin wanted to test the feeling of husband and wife and approached me. I was also curious. I was curious about it a lot, so I agreed that it was a very happy feeling. From then on, she and I lived together very happily, but it was the happiness of young husbands and wives. Invite you Enjoy this unique movie, just listening to it makes you feel happy, right =))

MIAD-911 Life is like a dream with my cousin
 Movie Code: MIAD-911 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Rena Aoi