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Konishi is a university student, he works part-time at a convenience store to earn extra money to cover his living expenses. He works with Ichika, a housewife. Because her husband has to work remotely, her income is reduced. She decides to work part-time to share her husband's burden. From the first time they met, Konishi was attracted to Ichika's beautiful face, slim body and long legs. One day Ichika discovered that her husband was having an affair. She was so disappointed that she and Konishi went out drinking to forget everything that happened today. Konishi learned about the couple's story and was there to comfort and encourage her. Feeling Konishi's feelings, Ichika went with him to the hotel and the two promised to only do it once. But day after day, every time she comes home from work, Ichika is alone in the cold house, while her husband is having fun with another woman. And she realized, the only person she could rely on at this time was Konishi, she gradually had more feelings for him and desired to make love with him anywhere, at her house, his house or even is at the store...

SSIS-016 Fuck the demanding manager who curses in the warehouse
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