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Kayla Kaden is a hot prankster who loves to shock her male roommate by flashing her big tits in his face. This doesn't exactly excite him, because he knows Kayla is also the type to steal his girlfriend right out from under him. Today, his new girlfriend, Giselle Amore, is coming over and he doesn't want Kayla near her. Kayla took the hint and went into the bedroom to play with a dildo pussy. When Kayla realized she left her VR goggles in the living room, she snuck in to get them and while she was there, she took Giselle out behind her roommate's back. Giselle takes the bait and goes to Kayla's room to entertain herself. Giselle replaces Kayla's fake pussy with her real pussy and cums all over her goggles. From there it becomes a game of hiding the girlfriend from her roommate, and Kayla scores another hot pussy to fuck.

Love story of two lesbian girls
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