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Rei, a married woman, but the couple's relationship has not been good lately. Before getting married, her husband often called her by her name, but now, he only calls her "hey", while still calling her pet by its name, making Rei feel like she's not even a pet. He also often gets angry with her, even when she is interested in him. Rei is currently working part-time at a convenience store. Himori is a student and part-time colleague of Rei. Himori is very innocent and cute, giving Rei a feeling of closeness and intimacy. In particular, he even called her by her name, which made Rei extremely touched. One time, Himori took the initiative to invite Rei out for a drink. A married woman should not go out drinking with another man, but because she was disappointed in family matters, Rei agreed. She shared her mood with Himori, feeling much lighter in her heart. And they both went to the hotel, with the agreement that they could only have sex once, twice would be considered adultery. And "once" here is one time in a hotel, so Himori gets to fuck Rei round after round during the two hour break. He even got a shot of cum filling Rei's pussy. And from then on, the two maintained this secret relationship. Since they were only working part-time, every time they went to a hotel, they would run out of their earnings. The two started fucking each other at Himori's house, and even fucked each other at the store, even if the customers could find out. anytime...

STARS-778 The lucky student and his colleague are married
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