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I'm inherently a hard worker. Once I'm home, I stay and work overtime. The rain told the subway to stop working. The big storm made my colleague unable to go home. She was still completely wet, so she quickly ran back to the company. The space was naturally quiet. She ran in but there was a whirlwind. I was startled and turned around to see my colleague's soaking wet body. Right in front of my eyes, I lost my soul. The thunderclap at that moment made her jump in panic and rush to hug me. That body rubbed against my body, making me unable to control myself. I took my hand. I tried to touch her chest, but unexpectedly, she didn't resist and kissed me. It turned out that I was a young deer being hunted by a hunter. At that moment, words were beyond words, and I was exhausted from serving her all night long

STARS-166 My beautiful colleague
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